The Angling Trust has published a ten-page pamphlet, Health & Safety Guidance for Freshwater Angers, which describes 27 common and unusual riverside risks.

Of significant concern is the threat posed by E. coli in untreated sewage discharges. The Trust has the following advice:

Never put wet lines in your mouth or any other items of tackle that have been in the water.

Wash your hands with soap and water or use a sanitiser before eating and after fishing.

Cover any cuts and grazes with waterproof plasters before fishing.

Clean any wounds as soon as possible and wear protective clothing.

If you do fall in, keep your mouth closed and avoid drinking water.

Shower as soon as possible if you’ve been in potentially infected water.

Among the other threats listed are Fish Handler’s Disease contracted from fish scales, Hepatitis A caught from faeces, Weil’s Disease caught from rat urine, Lyme Disease transmitted by ticks, Rabies caught from hooked bats, aggressive poachers, giant hogweed, your companion’s wayward casts, and bulls.

Visit: Health and safety guidance for anglers