The Black Mirage is one for nights on cold, spring rivers when early-running sea-trout can be tempted by a substantial fly, often with flashes of silver and blue. Tying by Steffan Jones. 

Materials list for the Black Mirage

Tube: 1-2.5 inch aluminium tube  
Body: Black floss with large opal Mirage tinsel over. Coat with superglue
False hackle: Royal blue schlappen  
Wing: Black bucktail, Eumer Arctic fox tail 2XL black, three strands of peacock-black Krinkle Mirror Flash, three strands of peacock-black Krystal Mirror Flash, 4-6 strands peacock herl over 

Cheeks: Jungle cock (optional)  

Head: Fire orange Uni-thread 6/0            

Step 1 Black Mirage

Step 1. Fix the tube securely on the mount and run on black tying thread a short distance from the rear end. Catch in a length of black floss.

Step 2 Black Mirage

Step 2. Wind the tying thread along the tube in an open, evenly spaced spiral. Cover the turns of thread with identically spaced turns of floss.

Step 3 Black Mirage

Step 3. Secure the floss at the front of the tube and remove excess. Catch in some opal Mirage tinsel and wind it along the tube in close turns.

Step 4. Black Mirage

Step 4. Wind the tinsel down the tube then back over itself to form a double layer. Apply a coat of superglue to the body and leave to set hard.

Step 5. Black Mirage

Step 5. Run on orange tying thread then apply a false hackle of schlappen fibres. Catch in a few fibres of black bucktail to support the wing.

Step 6. Black Mirage

Step 6. Take a slim bunch of black Arctic fox tail and remove damaged fibres. Secure it on top of the bucktail with tips projecting past the tube end. 

Step 7. Black Mirage

Step 7. Trim away the ends of hair then catch in three strands each of peacock-black Krinkle Mirror Flash and peacock-black Krystal Mirror Flash.

Step 8. Black Mirage

Step 8. Add four to six strands of peacock herl over the top of the main wing before adding 
cheeks of jungle cock.

Step 9. Black Mirage

Step 9. Fold back the stems of the jungle cock feathers and secure with thread, then apply a whip finish. Add black silicone tube to the rear.