At well over an inch long, this is more an olive lure than a nymph and can be fished throughout the season. Fish it singly or as a point fly on both floating and intermediate lines. The added weight and bead-chain eyes give it enticing vertical movement when retrieved.

Material list for the Blue-flash Damsel

Hook: Size 8-10 wet-fly 

Thread: Olive

Weight: Fine lead wire

Tail: Olive marabou and blue Krystal Flash

Body: Dubbed olive marabou

Rib: Blue Krystal Flash

Wing: Blue Krystal Flash

Eyes: Blue bead chain

Step 1. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 1. Fix the hook in the vice and run on the tying thread at the eye. Fix the bead-chain eyes in place with figure-of-eight thread turns.

Step 2. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 2. Take a length of fine lead wire and wind it along the shank in touching turns. Leave a small gap in front of the bend for the tail.

Step 3. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 3. Select a pinch of olive marabou at least twice the length of the hook shank and catch it in at the bend. Add a few strands of Krystal Flash.

Step 4. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 4. Secure the tail in place with further tight thread wraps then take a second bunch of the Krystal Flash and catch it in at the tail-base.

Step 5. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 5. Remove a pinch of soft fibres from the base of a marabou plume and dub it on to the thread. Wind the rope to form the body.

Step 6. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 6. Leave a small gap between the body and the eyes then twist the Krystal Flash to form a rope. Wind it in evenly-spaced turns.

Step 7. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 7. Once the rib has been applied, secure the loose end of the Krystal Flash. Unravel the strands and fold them back over the body.

Step 8. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 8. Secure the ends of the Krystal Flash in place then dub on a second smaller pinch of marabou. Wind it between the chain eyes.

Step 9. Blue-flash Damsel.

Step 9. Cast off the tying thread at the eye with a whip finish then trim the folded ends of the Krystal Flash to various lengths.