Blob patterns are popular on stillwaters as attractors and when trout are feeding on daphnia.

Material list for the Hot Coral Blob

Hook: Size 8-10 wide gape 

Thread: Hot orange 140 denier  

Tail: Pearl Mirror Flash

Body/rear: 15mm chartreuse Plush Chenille

Body/front: 15mm Hot Coral Plush Chenille

Step 1. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 1. Apply a layer of thread along the shank then catch in a length of Mirror Flash at the bend. Fold the Mirror Flash to double its thickness.

Step 2. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 2. Trim the Mirror Flash tail, then prepare a length of chartreuse Plush Chenille. Catch it in by a short section of its bare core.

Step 3. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 3. Wind the thread one-third of the distance along the shank then wind on two full turns of Plush Chenille. The turns should not overlap.

Step 4. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 4. Stroke back the fibres of the Plush Chenille at each turn so that they don’t become trapped. Secure the loose end with tying thread.

Step 5. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 5. Trim off the waste, taking care not to cut the thread. Stroke all the fibres back then add further thread turns to secure.

Step 6. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 6. Select a length of Hot Coral Plush Chenille. Expose a short section of its core then catch it in just in front of the rear body.

Step 7. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 7. Ensuring the chenille isn’t twisted, wind it up towards the eye. Leave a tiny space between turns so the body won’t be too dense.  

Step 8. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 8. Continue applying turns of chenille until it has reached the eye. Secure the loose end with tight thread turns then carefully trim it off.

Step 9. Hot Coral Blob.

Step 9. Stroke the chenille fibres back from the eye then build a small head using the thread. Cast off with a whip finish.