The modern alternative to the Minkie. The hook at the rear of the rabbit strip hooks those fry-feeders that nip at the tail of a standard rabbit (or mink) strip pattern. Tie in different lengths and colours. Cut the bend off the front hook to avoid tangling.

Materials for the Olive Snake

Hook: Two size 10 wet-fly hooks  Thread: Olive  Hook link: 30lb braid  Wing: Olive barred zonker strip  Wing: Olive UV Enhancer

olive snake step 1Step 1. Fix what will be the rear of the two hooks in the vice and apply a layer of tying thread along its shank. Now cut a piece of zonker strip to your chosen length. A strip of between 3-4 inches is the most popular. Much longer and the finished fly will be more difficult to cast.

olive snake step 2Step 2. Now – away from the vice – thread a needle with the braid and start threading it through the zonker strip skin.

olive snake step 3Step 3. Thread the braid along the entire length of skin, keeping it central. When complete the strip will have braid protruding near the front and back.

olive snake step 4Step 4. Remove the needle and pass the rear braid through the front of the hook eye and secure it with tight thread turns wound towards the hook bend.

olive snake step 5Step 5. Now fold the loose end of the braid towards the eye and secure with further tight turns of thread to a point just short of the eye. Trim the waste tag-end of braid.

olive snake step 6Step 6. Now pull the fur strip back along the braid to sit on the hook shank. Dampen the fur to expose the skin, secure tightly with thread and trim waste. The rear hook is now attached.

olive snake step 7Step 7. Now for the front. Secure another hook in the vice and position the front end of the braid and strip over the hook. Make sure both the fur strip and braid are fully extended.

olive snake step 8Step 8. When you are happy with their placement draw the strip back and secure the braid to the hook, doubling it over for strength as before.

olive snake step 9Step 9. With the braid secure, trim the waste and pull the fur strip forward to the eye, securing it with thread turns. Add flash, Glister or eyes, then whip finish.

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