Trout and grayling find this flashy and highly mobile spider irresistible.

Material list for the Pearly CDC Bloa

Hook: Size 14-18 Partridge Spider 

Thread: Pearsall’s gossamer silk No.5, yellow

Butt: Pearly tinsel

Body: Natural mole

Hackle: Natural mallard CDC 

Step 1. Pearly CDC Blob.

Step 1. Fix the hook in the vice and apply a few turns of well-waxed thread. Catch in a small CDC plume by its tip.

Step 2. Pearly CDC Blob.

Step 2. Wind the thread two-thirds down the hook shank in touching turns. Catch in the pearl tinsel.

Step 3. Pearly CDC Bloa.

Step 3. Wind the pearly tinsel down to the hook bend, then back over itself.

Step 4. Pearly CDC Bloa.

Step 4. Secure the loose end of the tinsel and remove the waste. Apply a tiny pinch of mole fur evenly along the waxed thread.

Step 5. Pearly CDC Blob.

Step 5. Wind the dubbed mole fur up to the hackle. The fur should be applied so lightly that the yellow thread is visible.

Step 6. Pearly CDC Bloa.

Step 6. With the thread at the eye, wind on two turns of the CDC feather. Stroke back the fibres at each turn. Secure the CDC stem and trim off waste. Cast off with a whip finish.