A modern take on a surface lure. Although small, the popper head gives the Scuttle Bug presence — what it loses in size, it gains in movement. The fly is as effective fished through the streamy runs into pools as it is in conventional tails and glides.

Materials for the Scuttle Bug

Hook: Size 6-8 Partridge Bomber  Head: Extra small Surface Seducer Double Barrel Popper 
Eyes: Veniard 3mm epoxy  Body: Pearl dubbing  Rib: Opal Mirage  Wing: Pearl Flashabou; white bucktail under blue bucktail; smolt-blue Krystal Flash: black bucktail over  Legs: Blue and black barred rubber legs

scuttle bug step 1Step 1. Run the tying thread down the shank, stopping opposite the hook point. Catch in a length of medium-width pearl tinsel, apply a pinch of pearl dubbing and make a rope.

scuttle bug 2Step 2. Wind the dubbing rope along the shank to form a slim body, two-thirds the length of the shank. Wind on evenly spaced turns of the tinsel to form the rib.

scuttl bug step 3Step 3. Secure the loose end of the pearl tinsel then trim off the waste. Add three short lengths of pearl Flashabou then a pinch each of white and blue bucktail.

scuttle bug 4Step 4. Secure the wing in place with tight thread turns then tie in three strands of Flashabou on top of the blue bucktail. Add a slim pinch of black bucktail over the Flashabou.

scuttle bug 5Step 5. Fold and secure a length of blue barred rubber to form a pair of legs. Cast off the thread with a whip finish then push a large darning needle through the popper head.

scuttle bug 6Step 6. With a hole made through the centre of the popper add a small drop of superglue to the thread turns in front of the wing. Thread the popper head over the hook eye.

scuttle bug 7Step 7. Push the popper until it reaches the base of the wing. Add eyes then thread a doubled length of rubber strand through the popper’s side with a darning needle.

scuttle bug 8Step 8. With the rubber strand through the popper head, snip the looped end with scissors so that four legs of similar length are formed.

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