Europe's largest fly-fishing competition


Troutmasters is the premier fly-fishing event in Europe and is a key element in Trout & Salmon’s relationship with its trout fishing readers.


TROUTMASTERS is open to every trout angler regardless of experience. There are three categories:

Junior 13 and under; Youth 14-17 years; Senior 18 years +

Anyone catching a large trout on a registered TROUTMASTERS water should be asked if they would like to register for the challenge.

At the end of every month, the entrants who’ve caught the three heaviest fish at each water will receive a TROUTMASTERS cloth badge. All badge winners will be entered into the fishery league table (see details below). At the end of the year the angler at the top of each fishery league table will be invited to the TROUTMASTERS Grand Final.

The 2023 competition will run from January 1 to December 31, 2023

The competition is run monthly (from 1st of the month until the last day of the month).

All official TROUTMASTERS forms must be completed and witnessed by a fishery official and forwarded to Trout & Salmon magazine as soon as possible (Freepost address on forms). We will allow five working days after the end of each month (for post) before we close. Forms are not carried over to the following month, unless there is a very good reason.

Fishery staff ARE NOT eligible to enter the competition at their own waters.

To encourage participation, anglers can enter and win a badge with fish caught on any method. However, the senior, junior and youth finals remain FLY ONLY.

The challenge is only open to purchasers of day, week or season tickets at registered TROUTMASTERS waters.

Two separate witnesses are required – one to the catch and one to the weighing. Entries are not valid if these sections on the forms are not completed.

Entries are not valid if they are received five days after the cut-off date.

Illegible or incomplete forms will be rejected.

Judging takes place five days after the last day of the month (allowing for post). Entries received after this will not be considered. Proof of posting is not proof of entry.

If a fish is released alive, it MUST have been witnessed by official fishery staff and weighed on approved scales.


Anglers who win a monthly TROUTMASTERS badge will be entered into the fishery league table where they caught their fish. The league table positions are decided by fish weight. Each time an angler wins a TROUTMASTERS badge at that fishery, the fish weight will be added to their tally. The top three from each fishery will be invited to the GRAND final.

The table will be updated in the second week of the month.


Anglers who win a TROUTMASTERS badge from more than one fishery will also be entered into the Gold League table for a chance to win the coveted Most Consistent Angler Trophy. This league table will be decided on the number of Gold badges each angler is awarded. To win a TROUTMASTERS Gold badge anglers need to win a monthly TROUTMASTERS badge from five different fisheries.

At the end of the year, the top three anglers from this league table will be invited to fish at the TROUTMASTERS Grand Final.

In the event of a tie, the angler(s) who have won monthly TROUTMASTERS badges from the most fisheries will be awarded the place in the TROUTMASTERS Grand Final. If there is still a tie, the angler(s) who won their Gold badge first will be awarded the place in the TROUTMASTERS Grand Final.

Trout and Salmon reserves the right to select the final three badge winners allocated at each fishery every month. The editor’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into. Trout & Salmon is at liberty to withdraw any water or angler from the competition – no reason need be given.

For more information please contact