Who is Trout & Salmon published by?

Trout & Salmon is published by Fieldsports Press.  View our sister titles here.

How soon after placing an order can my subscription commence?

When you place your order for a subscription to Trout & Salmon it will commence as of the next available issue.

How will you acknowledge my subscription order?

If you order a subscription online you will receive an email confirming your subscription order. A welcome letter will also be posted out to you detailing your customer ID number and magazine delivery details.

How can I view a receipt or invoice that I have requested?

You can view and download any invoices or receipts relating to your orders online. Simply log in to your account here and click on Documents, from the dropdown menu under More.

How do I access my digital subscription?

To activate your digital access, please click here to register and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the activation process.

Once logged into the Pocketmags app, you should be able to see your Trout & Salmon subscription in the "My Subscriptions" section.

If your subscription is not visible, please click "Activate Subscription" and enter the following information when prompted:

Magazine title: Trout & Salmon
Your Account Number: [ACCOUNT CODE]
Your surname: (SURNAME)

Once completed, please then return to the Trout & Salmon app where you should now be able to access your subscription via the "I have a Pocketmags account" option.

APP - Apple & IOS

To access your existing subscription and back issues in the updated app, please follow these

  1. Update the app on your device (search for ‘Trout & Salmon’ in the App Store if you do not
    have auto-update switched on, or click here.)
  2. Either choose 'I'm an existing subscriber' on the Welcome screen or go to the Options menu
  3. Tap the ‘Restore Purchases’ option and select 'I have made purchases through this app'
  4. After a short period, your previous purchases should be restored, and you’ll be able to
    access both back issues you have paid for and future issues as part of any subscription

If you have any problems at all with this process, please email the App support desk here:
help@pocketmags.com and they will assist.

Google Play

  1. Download the new Trout & Salmon app here
  2. Go to 'Options', then 'Login/Register' and create a Pocketmags account
  3. Contact help@pocketmags.com with your Trout & Salmon Google Play purchase receipt and your Pocketmags username
  4. The support team will add your subscription
  5. Please ensure that you cancel your subscription to the old Google Play app via the Subscriptions section of your Google Play account. You can re-subscribe through the new app when your subscription lapses if you wish to.

If you have any problems at all with this process, please email the App support desk here:
help@pocketmags.com and they will assist.

What Payment Methods Do You Accept?

You can pay by any major credit or debit card, if you would like to pay by cheque please contact us.

How Do I Change My Address Details?

Please log in to your Trout & Salmon account and edit your personal details.

Can I give Trout & Salmon as a gift?

Of course!  All billing and order information will be sent to the bill payer. The gift recipient will only receive the journal subscription. You can download a giftcard here

What Do I Do If My magazine Doesn’t Arrive?

If this is the case we ask that you please allow an extra 3 days for delivery before contacting us. Although we will do our utmost to ensure that your journal is delivered slightly before it is available in the shops it is possible, on some occasions, it may be unavoidably delayed. 

If you have still not received your journal after 3 days, please contact us either by telephone at +44 (0)1371 851890 or email us at orders@fieldsportspress.com

Sometimes delays can be caused by a number of factors including postal delays or adverse weather conditions. If we become aware of any potential delivery delays we will advertise this using our social media and website channels.

When Will I Receive My Issue In The UK?

Your Trout & Salmon is usually shipped and delivered 1-2 days from the publication date (unless it falls on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday).

How Long Does It Take For issues To Arrive Outside Of The Uk?

All international mail is sent by priority. The following approximate airmail delivery times should be calculated from the publication date:

  • Western Europe 4-6 days
  • Eastern Europe 4-8 days
  • North America 6-8 days
  • Central & South America 6-9 days
  • Middle East 6-8 days
  • Africa & Asia 6-10 days
  • Far East and Australasia 6-10 days

What Are The Publication Dates Of Trout & Salmon?

Trout & Salmon is a monthly publication, 2023 on sale dates are as follows:

27 July, 24 August, 21 September, 19 October, 16 November, 14 December

What If My magazine Arrives Damaged?

Please contact us and we will solve the issue.

Can I Order A Back Issue of Trout & Salmon?

Yes! Visit our shop to check stock of back issues, once ordered it will be delivered within 3-5 days of processing your order.

How Long Will It Take For My Online Publication Order To Arrive?

If you have purchased a single issue or book online, your order will be processed as soon as possible and delivered within 3-5 working days within the UK and 10 days for international deliveries.

How Do I Check My Subscription Expiry Date?

Log in to your Account here and view your live orders.


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