As air and water temperatures rise, stillwater trout anglers hope hatches of buzzer will lead fish to feed in the upper layers and provide the cream of spring sport. Airflo’s range of Superflo Sink Tip lines were designed for just this type of fishing. The range include two 3ft tips, two 6ft tips and three 12ft tip lines, providing buzzer fishers with an array of presentation options.

Airflo Sink and Anchor Tip lines

£79.99 each.

Airflo sink and anchor tip linesThe 6 and 12ft slow tips (0.5in per sec sink rate) are mainly intended for fishing the washing line technique - a buoyant fly in the point position of the leader with buzzers, Diawl Bachs or Crunchers on droppers - giving a very slow-sinking presentation with a shallow angle between the line's floating belly and the buoyant point fly. This keeps the angler in better contact with their flies, improving bite detection and hooking. The 6ft tip is ideal for fishing the top 3ft of water; the 12ft tip for depths of 3ft to 6ft.

The 6ft and 12ft fast tips (1.5in per sec) are intended to allow the angler to hold their flies at a  preferred depth. They might be fishing straight-line buzzers in deeper water with a slow retrieve or pulling wet flies or attractors in windy conditions where the sinking tip anchors the flies in the top few feet of water.

The 12ft mid tip (1in per sec) is a specialist line with a gradual density increase towards the tip. Its marginally slower sink rate allows the flies to be fished slowly at depths of 4ft to 8ft and kept at the crucial ‘fish-holding’ depth without  sinking through the taking zone too quickly.

Finally, there are two 3ft tips. The 3ft fast tip (1.5in per sec) is ideal for buzzer fishing in choppy conditions, where the tip stabilises the flies on a slow retrieve; or for static buzzers from a boat, where the tip creates the all-important vertical angle for the lift and hold method. The 3ft Anchor tip takes this vertical lift presentation to the maximum by having an additional 4in of Di7 at the end of the 3ft fast tip.

All the lines have a low-stretch Power Core and a Superflo coating, making them slick-casting and highly buoyant for clean pick-ups off the water and better bite detection. The lines' relatively short front taper and long rear taper loads easily and will suit most casting abilities.

Contact Airflo: 01874 612739