The Nova reel is made from a recycled raw material: aluminium ingots. It is a single-use plastic-free product that Guideline says is the most environmentally conscious reel it has ever built, one that will redefine how fly reels are manufactured. 

Its unique design of latticed spokes and vertical cross struts are geometric linear forms once deemed impossible to make. They are not just aesthetically pleasing, but also increase structural integrity, while an integrated counterbalance reduces the need for more components. Despite opting for alloy over polymer for the spool locking nut, drag knob and reel handle, the Nova remains light and proves that being green need not affect performance or quality.  

The reel is the brainchild of leading UK tackle designer Paul Richardson, who has been responsible for innovative products for multiple brands, including Wychwood and Sage. Paul worked with Guideline’s head product developer, Leif Stavmo, embarking on what Leif described as “Guideline’s first project led by green guidelines throughout the whole process, from design to manufacture.” 
He added, “It proved an extremely challenging learning process, replacing components that until now had been made using single-use plastics with more sustainable alternatives.”  

Even the case and packaging are made from recycled materials. 

The range features a carbon drag system, each maximum setting tailored to the size and purpose of the model: the smallest, 4/6wt, offers 5lb of torque; the largest, 8/10wt, up to 10lb. Further enhancements include a rear drag plate for extra drag stability, and the introduction of wave springs that ensure a more consistent drag pressure under load. The Nova series also includes a 6/8wt quick-change cassette reel, a first for the Guideline range. 


Guideline Nova reel, 4/6wt, 7/9wt and 8/10, black or stardust, £149.99-£179.99

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