Airflo's Control-a-Drogue is a complete kit, designed to allow you to slow and direct your drift when fishing from a boat. The 68in x 50in drogue is made of fast-drying nylon canvas to international competition specifications and has two 15ft, 5mm rot-proof paracords and two 3in steel G-clamps, giving you everything you need to fit and adjust the drogue to the ideal position on the gunwales of most fishing boats. But that’s not all.

Airflo has cleverly added a rope tensioner to each cord. By sliding the tensioner up or down the cord, shortening or lengthening it by increasing or decreasing the size of the loop, the boat can be directed across the wind in the direction of the shorter cord; ie, shorten the bow cord and the boat will crab towards the bow; shorten the stern cord and it will favour the engine end.

In this way, not only can you slow the wind-driven drift of the boat, allowing both anglers to present their flies for longer and with more control at the feeding depth, but you can also follow the contours of a bank or other structure, such as shoals, drop-offs or weedbeds, where fish are more likely to be feeding.

The twin-cord fixings also allow you to easily collapse the drogue by pulling in one side, for motoring or retrieving into the boat. The whole kit is packed in a waterproof rolltop bag for clean and easy storage and transportation.

Airflo Drogue 1 TS RECOMMEDS 23
Tensioner shortens the length of cord on one side of the drogue, affecting the direction of drift.
Airflo Drogue 2
Kit includes two G clamps, 68in x 50in drogue, cords and tensioners.

Airflo Control-a-Drogue kit, £59.99.

Contact: Airflo. Tel: 01874 618 518.