Good quality base layers are the foundation of keeping warm and dry by the water, which makes sense from a comfort point of view but will also make you a more productive angler, better able to concentrate on the fish and your technique.

The award-winning Heatrub Move base layer from Zerofit allows you to stay warm and dry even when active in temperatures from 12 to -5 deg C. Its double-layer construction and unique LABO fabric ensures that sweat is wicked away from next to the skin and on to the outer shell of the garment where it dries very quickly. It is made from 49% polyester, 45% polypropylene and 6% polyurethane. Polypropylene fibres have excellent insulating properties, retaining heat for a longer period and, being lighter than polyester or nylon, providing more warmth for less weight, perfect for the active fisherman during spring and autumn.

Zerofit Baselayers

Zerofit’s other base layer, the Heatrub Ultimate, is made for when conditions get really cold and is up to five times warmer than standard base layers. Made from a mixture of 63% acrylic, 18% nylon, 12% cupra, 5% wool and 2% polyurethane fibres, its soft double-loop lining is designed to create heat as it moves against your skin, rather than relying on trapping body heat by compression. This means it offers instant warmth, while its super-stretch properties are less constrictive, allowing you freer movement. It has an amazing heat retention rating of 0.78, compared to the 0.1-0.14 of a standard base layer or 0.3 for an average sweater.

While slightly thicker than the norm, its high neckline and close fit are so effective that there’s little need for additional layers, so it can be worn in place of an extra shirt or sweater with just a waterproof shell to keep out wind and rain, reducing overall bulk.

After feedback from anglers, Zerofit has added a Forest Green colourway to the black, grey, white and navy options already available and larger 2XL and 3XL sizes for the UK and US markets.

*For more information on Zerofit’s head-to-toe range of base layers and matching accessories, go to its website and use the code FREEHATS at the checkout to receive a free Zerofit Thermal bobble hat worth £20 with any base layer purchased.

Zerofit Heatrub Move base-layer top, £40; leggings, £45
Ultimate base-layer top and leggings, £55 each
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