Asso has been producing some of the world’s best-quality fishing lines since the 1970s. Its range of knotless, tapered trout leaders are made with top-quality coated nylon copolymer, which is strong and resistant to wear and tear.  

After a quick stretch out of the packet, the leader we tested had almost zero memory and a nice blend of suppleness and rigidity that improved the delivery of our fly.  

Asso leaders are available in a 7.5ft length for use on small streams or windy conditions, and in a general-purpose 9ft length for rivers and lakes. 

The 7.5ft (90in) leader has a 41.3in level butt section, a 35.5in tapered mid-section and a 15.7in level front end. The 9ft (108in) leader has 51.2in butt section, 35.4in mid-taper and a 21.6in front section.  

The leader is clear, which is ideal for use with easily spooked trout.  

You can tie the fly directly to the leader or add a micro ring and then a tippet, which can then be changed without reducing the length of the leader.  

The Asso range also includes copolymer tapered leaders for bass, steelhead and salmon, designed to turnover large air-resistant flies or small low-water patterns. If you prefer to tie your own leaders, Asso’s top-quality fluorocarbon-coated copolymer is also available, on 50m spools in tests from 2X to 7X.
Asso 1          Asso 2

Asso Copolymer Trout Tapered Leader, 7.5ft and 9ft from 0X to 7X, £5.75 each.  
Asso Copolymer Soft, 50m spool, £7.99 
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