12 Andrew Flitcroft meets Eyebrook Reservoir’s buzzer-feeders on a balmy May day

28 A home from home on the lovely River Usk attracts Paul Procter

40 The tackle and fishing memories of Guernsey rod Meyrick Simmonds

42 Andy Bowman encounters the dramatic River Åaelva in Norway

58 Peter Cockwill celebrates the mayfly hatch on stillwaters

64 The extraordinary variability of brown trout is probed by Jon Beer

72 Jim Coates meets prolific salmon-fisher and stillman Ronnie Fraser


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37 Simon Cooper’s Trout Talk

39 Bob White is The Gillie

130 Last Cast goes to Giles Catchpole


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80 Our expert team answers your queries in Game-fishers’ Surgery

84 Rob Denson raises your hackles

86 The puzzles of the mayfly hatch solved by Alex Jardine

91 Stuart Foxall experiments with the Traffic Light Buzzer


25 Stan Headley’s brief history of teal-born wet-flies

54 American tyer Steve Silverio showcases six innovative patterns

70 Colin Kirkpatrick ties a Rainmaker and Potty’s Francais

94 G. Loomis and Airflo gear reviewed

98 Robbie Winram rates the latest crop of 10ft seven-weight rods


10 Gallery with Sharpe’s of Aberdeen

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