Bring together a legendary rod designer and a man who can cast a double-handed rod 191ft and you have a dream team in fly-rod development.

The combination of CND founder Nobuo Nodera and double world distance-casting record-holder Geir Hansen has led to the new Gravity series of rods.

Custom Design Gravity Salmon Rod

CND rods use ground-breaking Nano Pitch technology, which uses thinner layers of carbon than ever before - 0.5mm instead of standard 1.2mm - first at 90 degrees to the mandrel and then at opposing 45-degree biases. This multi-layer construction creates a rod that is very light and stable with exceptionally fast recovery. The new Gravity rods are faster and lighter than the previous series, but still process CND’s signature deep-loading feel.

When we cast this standout rod, we found it had a lovely full-flex action and a fast-recovering tip that effortlessly delivered controlled casting loops and provided excellent feedback. Fitted with a Rio Skagit, it produced an even deeper load but still had the power to deliver in difficult test conditions, making it a true all-rounder. Both our independent testers agreed it was a delight to cast and would make a very forgiving and enjoyable rod with which to fish, delivering top-class performance.

It has a slim, nicely shaped handle, a quality Alps reel seat and fine finish, although the lined retro-looking tip ring could prove “a bit Marmite”, depending on your taste. CND rods are developed and tested using Nextcast fly-lines.

Custom Design Gravity Salmon Rod 2

Custom Design Gravity Salmon Rod 3

* Our testers used three different line set-ups; ones that gillies find on most anglers’ reels throughout the year. These were: Rio Elite Scandi Outbound Floating Body, 9wt (455gr/29.5gm) 22ft head and a 15ft, 4ips Airflo Polyleader, Mackenzie NX Full Spey Line, 9/10wt 55ft head and a 10ft, 4ips Airflo Polyleader; and Rio Elite Skagit Max Launch, 9wt (600gr) and 12ft of T14.

CND Gravity 14ft, 8-9wt, 4pc rod, £950
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